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4. Cannot sign in to Trend Micro Account


Brisbane - brisbane, au

Trend Micro has been stated as the best security software which has detected all of the contained malware in the system. It has been proved that the software has stopped 100% of every possible threat when tested. Users will be able to find out what kind of a website they are about to visit and what to expect from it.
Working with such amazing security software is always great, but issues are a part of the software thatis often experienced.Trend Micro has stretched out to provide quality service to users where users can find genuine customer support for any issues faced while using Trend Micro.This time the issues have been observed with signing in into Trend Micro Account. The user getsan error message while logging in.
Reason for the issue
• If users have not entered the email or password correctly.
• If the software was bought through Best Buy or from a third-party website.
• In a case where the software is not correctly installed or not yet activated.
How to fix the issue
• While entering the email and password, check the character entered correctly.
• While entering the password, make sure there is no extra space or repeating characters.
• Users will have to reset their email address in a case where users have forgotten it.
• The same goes for the password. Click on Forgot your password? And complete the process to reset the password.
• If the software was installed through another medium, contact the respective source to get the details for signing in.
To get more information about Trend Micro, there is a helpline service. Kindly reach out to the Service Center

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